Pedodontics - dental medicine for children

Children are special patients and require special professional methods. They need to be worked on quickly since they are impatient and often very frightened.

dječja preventivna stomatologija dječja preventivna stomatologija

A good dentist should know how to transfer serenity and good humour onto the child

Experience in child psychology and professionalism of our doctors enable us to successfully treat even the most demanding little patients

Teeth coating; especially that of permanent teeth; is a necessary protection and makes teeth more resistant to dental caries

When we were kids we were taught of the importance of taking care of our teeth. From the baby teeth to the permanent teeth, we were taught a healthy habit of keeping a beautiful smile. In pediatric dental medicine, preventive measures are very important in protecting baby teeth until their natural exfoliation, which is followed by regular maintenance and health of permanent teeth.

We take great care of the dental health of our youngest patients and recommend your child’s first visit to our center when he or she is about three years old (the first permanent molar teeth, known as ‘the sixes’, appear and are very important for the development of a normal bite), so your child can build confidence in our dental medicine doctor. We find the first visit to the dental doctor very important since the children should accept it as a game and without fear, and from the early age adopt the importance of oral hygiene.

We perform all the pediatric and preventive dental medicine services, some of which are fissure sealing, fluoridation of teeth, treatment of baby teeth, plaque control and its removal, as well as functional and aesthetic care of the traumatized teeth.

Fissure sealing

Our staff's professionalism and experience in child psychology allows us to successfully treat even the most demanding little patients.

Teeth coating, especially of permanent teeth, is a necessary protection and it makes early teeth more resilient to decay. Treatment of early teeth is the best guarantee for healthy teeth at a later age. Teeth coating protects from caries by applying a surface coating with the addition of fluoride.