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Welcome to the OrtoDental Centre Zorana Ivankovic Buljan, DDM, PhD’s web site, a specialist centre for orthodontics and dental medicine.

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Orthodontics is a branch of dental medicine which focuses on aligning teeth, constructing a well-balanced teeth-jaw relationship and maintaining a healthy upper-lower jaw relationship. The goal of orthodontics is not only aesthetics, but a fine-tuned correlation between the teeth which is not just important for a beautiful smile, but it is also important for individual health as a whole.

Cosmetic dentistry

A smile is a window to the soul; it reflects our emotions, it warns us of our vitality, youth, as well as a desire for beautiful and sleek appearance, even sensuality. That is why the need that people have for beautiful and healthy teeth is entirely understandable. With the help of aesthetic dentistry imperfections such as colour or a position of a tooth which have been bothering you for years, can today become a thing of a past and a memory from old photographs.




Prosthetics is a branch of dentistry focusing on the replacement of missing teeth and gums. The prostheses can be divided into two categories: fixed and mobile. Dental prosthetics is a science of re-establishing the physiological shape of the tooth that has been affected by the loss of dental tissues caused by caries, trauma, abrasion, as well as by the disorder in the development of dental structures.

Dental medicine for children

A good dentist should know how to transfer serenity and good humour onto the child. Experience in child psychology and professionalism of our doctors enable us to successfully treat even the most demanding little patients. Teeth coating; especially that of permanent teeth; is a necessary protection and makes teeth more resistant to dental caries


Our team


Zorana Ivankovic Buljan, DDM, PhD

She graduated from the School of Dental Medicine, University in Sarajevo. She opened the first dental office in 1993, in which still works. She has been combining her multipurpose work with patients wih continious education on different Croatian and international congresses and seminars. By the year 2005 she completed the Master's specialisation in orthodontics, and in 2011 she defended her PhD in the field of orthodontics.


Andrija Dvornik, DDM


Gordana Veron, dental assistent


Ljubomir Marasović, dental technician


Marinela Bekavac, assistant

Our works

M.P. 12,2 years old

Densitry, palatal upper second incisors, canines high. The therapy lasted 25 months.

A.J. 13,5 years old

Density, four “fours” extracted. All teeth aligned beautifully in a beautiful smile. The therapy lasted 22 months.

E.B. 25,2 years old

Unevenly placed teeth in the upper and lower jaw. Therapy combined with extraction of two upper premolars. The therapy lasted 26 months.