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Tooth devitalization doesn’t have to be a painful experience. With modern technology that enables the detection of the root canal length (apex locator), and instruments that enable filling of the said (endodontic machine, irradiated obturator), tooth treatment and conservative dental fillings can be done in a single visit.

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For treatment to be successful, it is inevitable to have the right equipment and materials. That is why, in our centre of dental medicine, we use the latest models of apex locators (the device that finds and determines the length of root canals) NSK® iPex, the Maillefer ProTaper® root canal processing machines and the best quality materials for chemical canal processing and filling. Each cured tooth is also monitored radiologically (RTG recording).


We start the treatment by giving anaesthesia; we remove damaged dental tissue as well as sore dental pulp and we clean root canals. In our practice, we use modern, automated instrumentation of root canals. If a tooth is too weak, we put a metal or composite peg in the canal which will strengthen it. The procedures are completely painless because they are being done under the local anaesthesia.

Depending on pulp and nerve damage, in most cases, we can treat you in only one visit.

Revision of endodontic filling is induced in cases of primary treatment failure. The most common cause of failure is the presence of bacteria in a root canal that wasn’t found and adequately filled.


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"Thank you, Dr. Ivankovic Buljan, you are wonderful with every patient, both of my children have a great smile thanks to you, I will recommend your ordination everywhere. You are the best!"

Marko, Split

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"My daughter now laughs cheerfully, there is no more shame in school plays and in socializing with friends. Thanks to all Ortodental Centre team!"

Irena, Omiš