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Teeth loss is a widespread phenomenon: 30% of the world population suffers from complete toothlessness, and 80% of the population has at least one tooth missing. Because some of the traditional ways of reconstructing missing teeth involve grinding residual healthy teeth, the implant is often the best therapy.

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Dental implants


What are dental implants?

Dental implants are substitutes made of titanium, a biocompatible material, which are surgically installed in the jaw bone to serve as a substitute for natural roots or as prosthetic replacement carriers. They consist of a part inside the jaw bone and the part extending from it to which the crown, bridge or detachable prosthetic compensation is applied, enabling a secure and long-lasting fixation.

One tooth loss can disrupt the stability of the whole jaw, leading to the movement of other teeth, cause a disturbance while chewing and change the look of your face to make you look older.

In our clinic, we use Nobel Biocare and Straumann implants.

Dental implants installation

There is no age limit for dental implants installation. It is not recommended in cases of various diseases such as advanced osteoporosis, uncontrolled diabetes, and some severe chronic heart and kidney diseases, psychosis, etc. If there is insufficient bone mass, it is possible to restore it before implant installation.

The replacement of individual teeth with the implants can be used when the patient has one or more teeth missing.

Unlike other forms of individual teeth replacements, implants will not only replace a tooth but a root of a tooth as well, which also plays a significant role. That is why a dental implants installation is the best solution.

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"Thank you, Dr. Ivankovic Buljan, you are wonderful with every patient, both of my children have a great smile thanks to you, I will recommend your ordination everywhere. You are the best!"

Marko, Split

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"My daughter now laughs cheerfully, there is no more shame in school plays and in socializing with friends. Thanks to all Ortodental Centre team!"

Irena, Omiš