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Price list

Here is our price list, but for the exact offer, we highly recommend you to make an appointment for dental exam - final price depends greatly from case to case!

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Price list
Check – up and anamnesis150,00 kn
Control visit50,00 kn
Tooth extraction (simple)150,00 kn
Tooth extraction (complicated)300,00 kn
First – aid, transplantation120,00 kn
Anaesthesia50,00 kn
Vital pulp extirpation200,00 kn
Medicine application100,00 kn
Tooth incision120,00 kn
Therapy for alveolitis100,00 kn
Deciduous teeth extraction100,00 kn
Filling on the deciduous tooth150,00 kn
Fissure sealing200,00 kn
Composite filling on one surface220,00 kn
Composite filling on two surfaces260,00 kn
Composite filling on three surfaces300,00 kn
Calculus removal by hand200,00 kn
Calculus removal by ultrasound200,00 kn
Teeth sanding250,00 kn
Root canal filling (per root) by hand 150,00 kn
Root canal filling (per root) machine operated300,00 kn
Complete prosthesis acrylic2.500,00 kn
Partial prosthesis acrylic2.000,00 kn
Partial prosthesis wironit4.000,00 kn
Denture relining420,00 kn
Tooth supplement or prosthesis pin locks150,00 kn
Temporary crown200,00 kn
Ceramic crown or tooth pontic1.200,00 kn
Zirconium crown2.200,00 kn
Empress crown2.000,00 kn
Veneer1.800,00 kn
Cast extension300,00 kn
Asc or dodler connections750,00 kn
Anker connection1.500,00 kn
Crown cementing150,00 kn
Removable dental splints1.000,00 kn
Orthodontic print with analysis250,00 kn
Bimaxillary and Monomaxillary orthodontic device2.500,00 kn
Orthodontic bow - set up500,00 kn
Orthodontic brackets- set up200,00 kn
Installation of orthodontic O-ring250,00 kn
Orthodontic removable splints400,00 kn
Reparation of dentures with an imprint200,00 kn
Fixed ortho therapy of metal brackets (per jaw)6.000,00 kn
Fixed ortho therapy of ceramic brackets (per jaw)7.000,00 kn
Participation in prosthetics HZZO1.000,00 kn
Zirconium abutment1.100,00 kn
Abutment 900,00 kn
Teeth whitening per jaw750,00 kn