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Statement of Privacy

Privacy Policy - Dental Medicine Order Dr. Zorana Ivanković Buljan, MD, dentist, orthodontist, with headquarters in Podstrana, Strožanačka 39b, OIB 23016075237.

1) Introduction

Your privacy and the security of your information is of utmost importance for us, so we want to be with you to share the rules we implemented in your business.

Your personal information will not be sold or otherwise delivered to third party unauthorized personnel or any purpose or for the purpose of carrying out promotional activities of a third party.

We paid particular attention to the incorporation of personal data protection rules into
all our business procedures and to applying the highest standards in our business computer security.

We particularly emphasize that the dentist is obliged to keep his professional secret -
all the information which is known about the health of the patient. The professional secret is considered as all the information which the dental practitioner finds out when performing his profession on a patient, his personal, family and social circumstances as well as data related to the detection and treatment of the disease.

Doctor of dental medicine is obliged to guard the professional secrets of the patient from the members of the patient's family, even after his death. The disclosure of professional secrets is permitted only with the consent of the patient and in accordance with the Code of Dental Ethics and Deontology. Professional secrecy is also permitted in the case of the act of keeping professional secrets jeopardizes the lives and health of other people.

Providing professional secrecy is not considered to be the submission of patients data to the purpose of  scientific research, lectures or publications, not giving up the identity of the patient with his written consent, the provision of data for statistical processing, not giving up the patients identity , giving information to the health insurance company with which the patient has contracted the insurance contract and the provision of information to the investigative or judicial authorities if the data are classified could affect the essence of an investigative or judicial proceeding or harm a third person.

Doctor of dental medicine is obliged to keep accurate, exhaustive and dated dental documentation about the condition of the patient and his treatment in accordance with the regulations on records in the area Health. The dental practitioner is obliged to present this documentation upon request the ministry responsible for health, the state administration bodies in accordance with the special regulations, the Chamber or the judiciary.
Dental documentation consists of cartons with status, history of diseases, X-ray pictures, and photographs.


2) In which situations we can collect your personal information

We primarily collect data for the purpose of providing services in the field of dental medicine, namely:

Dental examination and diagnosis

Treatments and procedures

Making offers

Creating a treatment plan

Making prints for the purpose of making prosthetic replacements

Keeping the patient's health records

Keeping records during the procedure

Performing healthcare for healthcare workers who come into contact with the patient

Patient Satisfaction Tracking

For the purposes of the above-mentioned processing we collect the following personal information:

Name and surname



date of birth



Cell phone


Name, address, and phone of your closest relative

Data on past and present health status

Health Diagnosis / Diagnosis Data (if available)

Data on treatments and therapies

Imprint and jaw models

X-ray image

Intraoral and extraoral photos before, during and after surgery

Data for treatment purposes are collected, processed and kept under the law and in accordance with law.
If we ask you for a privilege to use your personal information for other purposes (e.g.
promotional), the period of storage of these data will be listed separately on the payee.
Data entered in the "Contact Us" form on our website // is stored with our partner POSLuH hosting d. o., whose server is located in the Republic of Croatia (// and the data we received via email or by filling out the form in are kept on a Google Drive-owned cloud server (// When visiting our website, we can collect traffic, location information, and more communication data. More information is stated in about Cookie Policy.

3) Who do we share data with

The information you provide us during the execution of our service may be sent to our processing executors:
For accounting purposes - Account data
Laboratory - for the purpose of making a toothbrush
With the contracts we have made with our partners, we have made sure that they meet the highest standards of personal data protection.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a tool for collecting anonymous information about users of our websites,
which collects information about how often users visit our website, which pages they visit, the time they visit them, how long they stay and where they come from, etc. and so by using the cookie and IP address for the following purposes:
- to improve user experience, to track the success of a marketing campaign,
- for analysis of patterns of behavior.
If you want to opt out of Google Analytics, you can install Google's plugin for yours a browser that will prevent it. You can download the add here: //

You can find more information about how Google can use this information so you can find HERE: //

Mail Chimp
We will collect and process your personal information when submitting our newsletter and
promotional e-mails exclusively with your acceptance which can be pulled or changed moment HERE. To send a newsletter, we use the Mail Chimp service whose privacy policy
you can find HERE: //

4)Data retention time

Your data will not be kept longer than necessary to meet the purpose for which they are collected.

If we have collected your information under the law, we are obliged to inform you that the doctor of dental medicine is obliged to keep patient information ten years after completing treatment, and thereafter the deadline is to comply with the regulations on keeping the documentation.

We have the obligation to keep the data contained in the account and the financial transaction data for 11 years.

The retention period of the data we collect through the agreement will be listed on each separate agreement.

5) What rights do you have regarding the collection and processing of your personal data information

  • on processing your personal data;
  • obtain access to personal information about yourself;
  • seek correction of incorrect, imprecise or incomplete personal data;
  • require personal data to be deleted when they are no longer needed or if processing is illegal;
  • object to the processing of your personal data for marketing or on the grounds associated with your particular situation;
  • request a limit on the processing of their personal data in special cases;
  • receive your personal information in a machine-readable format and send it to another processing manager ("portability of data");
  • request that decisions based on automated processing related to you or which significantly affect you and are based on your personal information are brought by natural persons, not only computers. In this case, you also have the right to express your own view of this challenge

You can use the FORM to achieve your rights.

6) How can you contact us?

You can send us a message by e-mail to

You can call us by phone within our working hours 021 333 644.

You can write to us at Dental Medicine Clinic Zorana Ivanković Buljan, Strožanačka 39 b, Podstrana 21312.

7) Supervisory body

The supervisory body is the Personal Data Protection Agency (AZOP), and the data regarded to the way you can guard your rights can be found HERE //