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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is an interdisciplinary branch of dental medicine, which combines almost all areas of stomatology and has been aesthetically and functionally perfected. Cosmetic dentistry has become an integral part of dental therapy and all procedures are expected to be near perfect in an aesthetic sense.

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A beautiful smile opens every door


A beautiful and shapely smile

A smile is a window to the soul; it reflects our emotions, it warns us of our vitality, youth, as well as a desire for beautiful and sleek appearance, even sensuality. That is why the need that people have for beautiful and healthy teeth is entirely understandable. With the help of aesthetic dentistry imperfections such as colour or a position of a tooth which have been bothering you for years, can today become a thing of a past and a memory from old photographs.

To make a smile beautiful and shapely, it must meet the aesthetic rules that determine it as such.

Perception of smile aesthetics is a subjective experience, but there are some mathematical and geometrical concepts of analysis of lips and teeth ratio, their compliance with the rules of structural beauty and harmonious fit with the face.

That is why we don’t let our patients be satisfied with this or that result. Using art skills and technological advantages, we will ensure you with the beautiful, youthful smile and more confidence.

Aesthetic fillings

Aesthetic fillings are produced in cases where a greater restoration of the dental tissue is not required and are produced directly at the clinic in one visitation. The well-known amalgam fillings, today, for health and aesthetic reasons are being replaced with aesthetic composite fillings, which are produced from exclusively top quality materials, thus achieving a completely natural look of the tooth. A large spectrum of material shades and their chameleon effect result in the production of fillings that are almost invisible in the patient's mouth.



Professional teeth cleaning and sandblasting

In order to maintain an average hygiene of the oral cavity, professional teeth cleaning is recommended twice a year. It should also be performed prior to any surgical interventions of the oral cavity in order to reduce the risk of infections. Professional cleaning is the first step of periodontal therapy

Professional cleaning is performed at our Dental Clinic according to high standards and includes:

  • Instruction, motivation and correction of the oral cavity hygiene
  • Removal of hard and soft deposits on teeth (with “sound” instruments, manual instruments, sandblasting
  • Polishing and fluoride treatment

Teeth whitening

Enamel as the protective outer layer of teeth is responsible for their shine. With time, enamel becomes thinner leading to exposure of the colour of the dentine (inner part of the tooth).

Thanks to advances in technology in dentistry we can give back the shine to your teeth in a very short period. Teeth whitening should be performed only after having thoroughly cleaned the teeth, and after having given the patients thorough instruction on the optimal daily hygiene of the oral cavity.


our patients about us


"Thank you, Dr. Ivankovic Buljan, you are wonderful with every patient, both of my children have a great smile thanks to you, I will recommend your ordination everywhere. You are the best!"

Marko, Split

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"My daughter now laughs cheerfully, there is no more shame in school plays and in socializing with friends. Thanks to all Ortodental Centre team!"

Irena, Omiš