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Factors such as weakened immunity, genetic predisposition or smoking affect the development and spread of periodontal diseases. The most usual ones are gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (refers to bacterial infection of soft tissue around the tooth which causes gradual withdrawal of the tissue surrounding the tooth; the causes of periodontitis can be genetic, but we also find causes in local factors in mouth such as plaque, calculus, and tight teeth).

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Gingivitis and periodontitis


The symptoms of periodontal disease:

  • bleeding gums
  • swollen gums, redness and pain
  • gum recession
  • pocket discharge or pus
  • alteration in teeth position, deepened areas between teeth (abscesses)
  • loose teeth
  • teeth loss

But, the occurrence and the progress of the disease are often weak in symptoms!

Curettage (scaling)

Under local anesthesia, the roots of the teeth are cleaned from the bacteria and harmful deposits build up. 3D bacteria formation are so well organized and protected by a biofilm, that antibiotics should be taken in a 1000 x stronger dosage concentration in order to be effective!

Pockets are cleaned with a combination of surgical and so-called sonic (sound) instruments. Sonic instruments are more pleasant and “gentle” than ultrasonic, enabling the surface of the root to remain smooth.

With the elimination of deposits the deterioration of tissue is stopped, and the pocket depth reduced. In shallow pockets, conditions for the growth of bacteria are not that good, improving overall periodontal health.

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"Thank you, Dr. Ivankovic Buljan, you are wonderful with every patient, both of my children have a great smile thanks to you, I will recommend your ordination everywhere. You are the best!"

Marko, Split

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"My daughter now laughs cheerfully, there is no more shame in school plays and in socializing with friends. Thanks to all Ortodental Centre team!"

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